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On the Circulation of Blood – Extended Score and Album

Sam Belinfante, ed.

Includes access to downloads, documentary material and sound files. Unlimited electronic copies for rehearsals and performances.

On the Circulation of Blood was a slowly moving artwork that progressed in a sporadic and circumlocutory fashion through Folkestone during the five months of the Creative Folkestone Triennial 2021. Conceived and curated by artist Sam Belinfante, the work drew on Folkestone’s history as a fishing community, the piece involved moving and dragging large-scale nets across the town, and hanging them on structures erected at two important sites in Folkstone’s collective past and present: its windswept seaside Amphitheatre, and the historical ‘Drying Grounds’ outside St Peter’s School. The moving and draping of these nets culminated in a set of performances that brought together community groups with artists and musicians.

This anthology brings together the work of six composers who created duets for voice and/or percussion for On The Circulation of Blood. It includes an introduction by Sam Belinfante, album liner notes by artist, composer and performer Neil Luck, as well as documentary photography of the performances.

Extended Score Project

Extended scores include access to performance documentation, separate downloads for scores, sound files and instructional videos by composers

On the Circulation of Blood is first in a series of publications that respond to the situated, networked and discursive nature of contemporary music and performance practice by combining essays and documentary material with working scores, in print and online. Each copy of On The Circulation of Blood includes access to documentation of the original performances, audio and video recordings, sound files for performances and practice materials.

Musicians and music directors who buy the score can download and produce unlimited copies of the scores for rehearsals and performances. You may share, copy and redistribute the material in this publication in any medium or format. You may adapt, remix, transform, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially. If you buy a copy of the book on our website, you will automatically receive a personal token to access practice and documentary materials. If you purchased a copy of On the Circulation of Blood from a bookshop, or received the book as a gift, you can apply for an access token here.

On the Circulation of Blood on Bandcamp

’Listening to the performances on this album, one is drawn microscopically into the smallest details. Sounds are close-miced, acoustic, and full frequency. The diaphragms of our speaker cones and ear-drums are invited into the details of diaphragms of hand drums, torsos, and microphones in a way that feels anatomical and intimately visceral …’ (Neil Luck). Read more and listen to recordings of the works included in On the Circulation of Blood on Bandcamp.

Listen to On the Circulation of Blood on Bandcamp

On the Circulation of Blood – Extended Score and Album

Edited by Sam Belinfante (2022)
Paperback, saddle stitch binding, 200 × 282mm
32pp with 13 illustrations in b/w
ISBN 978—0—9935317—3—6