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Maha Maamoun

Maha Maamoun is a Cairo-based artist. Her work examines the form, function and currency of common cultural visual and literary images as an entry point to investigating the cultural fabric that we weave and are woven into. She also works collaboratively on independent publishing and curatorial projects. She is a founding member of the Contemporary Image Collective (CiC), an independent non-profit space for art and culture founded in Cairo in 2004, and a co-founder of the independent publishing platform Kayfa ta. Her work has been shown in exhibitions and biennials including: Constructing the world: Art and economy 1919–39 and 2008–18, Kunsthalle Mannheim (2018); Strange Days: Memories of the Future – Store X and New Museum (2018); The Time is Out of Joint – Sharjah Art Foundation (2016); Century of Centuries – SALT (2015); Like Milking a Stone – Rosa Santos Gallery (2015); The Night of Counting the Years – Fridericianum (2014); Here and Elsewhere – New Museum; Ten Thousand Wiles and a Hundred Thousand Tricks – Meeting Points 7; Forum Expanded – Berlinale 64; Transmediale; Objects in Mirror are Closer than they Appear, Tate Modern; 9th Gwangju Biennale; Momentarily Learning from Mega Events, Makan, Amman; Second World: Where is Progress Progressing, Steirischer Herbst; The End of Money, Witte de With; Sharjah Biennial 10; Mapping Subjectivity, MoMA; Live Cinema, Philadelphia Museum of Art; Ground Floor America, Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art; The Future of Tradition / The Tradition of Future, Haus der Kunst.